Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Websites & Baking

Photo courtesy Coolest Christmas Present Cake (click here for recipe)

Photo courtesy Pastry Passion (click here to purchase one of these cakes)

Even though we have a large collection of Christmas cookbooks that we love, we thought we'd see what the internet had to offer this year.  The number of websites devoted only to Christmas is staggering, and the number of sites dedicated to Christmas baking is no less so.  Here are a few of our newly discovered favorites:

Christmas Baking = The home page contains many links to other Christmas sites.

Why Christmas = Written by a Christmas fan in England

All Things Christmas

A Magical Christmas

Christmas Ideas

Christmas Stock Images = Free Christmas Photos!

We'll still bake the Christmas cookies we were taught to bake when growing up:  cookies cut into shapes using Christmas cookie-cutters, then decorated with colored powdered sugar frostings.  We wanted to bake a cake in the shape of some Christmas object or symbol, so we've also decided to bake the cakes pictured above to see if we would like to add them to our Christmas baking repertoire.  We'll use a bundt pan for the wreath cake.  The ideas may seem obvious to you, but we hadn't thought of them and can hardly wait to see them on the sideboard. 

By the way, if you have celiac disease you can do like we do and use a flourless chocolate cake recipe for cakes and cupcakes.  For cookies we put a thin layer of flourless chocolate batter into egg-poaching rings or metal cookie-cutters on a cookie sheet, then bake as usual.

What's coming out of your kitchen this holiday season?

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