Friday, July 13, 2012

Quiche in Quebec

Quiche Lorraine : Close- up  of  Quiche Lorene with Lettuce and tomatoes salad on a plate.
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Today's topic, Quiche Lorraine in Quebec, was requested by French-Canadian Lorraine Hetu Manifold, who lives in Park Ridge, Illinois, and is @ManifoldMusic on Twitter.

Click here for a discussion about where to find the best Quiche Lorraine in Quebec restaurants.  If you're in Quebec but prefer to eat in, you can bring home the award winning Plats du Chef mini quiches (click here) from your grocer.  If you're in Quebec City in May and want to enjoy the company of other foodies who enjoy quiche and other French Quebec delights, you may want to attend the Food Camp (click here).

Finally, If you can't get to Quebec but want to sample the fabulous Quiche by Chef Maurice, click here and you can place an order, which will be sent anywhere in the world.

Click here for recommendations of special Quebec foods, and click here for best Quebec restaurants recommendations.

Thanks to Lorraine Hetu Manifold, @ManifoldMusic on Twitter, for suggesting today's topic!  What did you learn today?

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