Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Consilience & World Ants

Ants And Books : small ant lifting heavy blue earth insect illustration Some components of this montage are provided courtesy of NASA, and have been found at Stock Photo
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Two days ago I reviewed a wonderful documentary about origami I saw on Sunday.  One of the premises of this documentary reminded me of a wonderful book I read, which was published in 1998, "Consilience" by Edward O. Wilson.  In the documentary the relationship of origami to other fields of study was explored; in Wilson's book consilience is the unity of all knowledge bases from science to the humanities.

Dr. Wilson is from Alabama (as am I) and grew up near Washington, D.C. (I did not, although I visited several times in my youth) and near Mobile, Alabama (as did I).  As a young man he was very interested in natural history and entomology.  He has won several awards for his research and writings primarily in science. 

What I didn't know is that as a young man he attempted to survey all the ants of Alabama.  For a website that will give you information about ants in any region of the world click here

What did you learn today?

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