Monday, March 12, 2012

The Music of Origami

Origami : Colorfull origami 3d units like a rainbow circle isolated on white. From sheets of paper making modules, which joined. Stock Photo
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I have just seen the best documentary I've ever seen, "Between the Folds:  Exploring Origami."  One of the most interesting parts of this documentary is how the evolution of Western Art Music is compared to the evolution of origami.  Some of the most breathtaking origami I have ever seen is presented.  There are different genres of origami--very much like music--and some even moves!  Another very interesting part of the film is the scientists who do and study origami for practical application in medicine and other fields.  It is a riveting 56 minutes.  On top of all that, I thought the score was genius in that it sounded like what origami looks like!  I hope you will see this documentary, then leave a comment here on this blog. 

For more information click here and click here.  What did you learn today?

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