Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seven-Minute Egg

Egg : illustration of egg with heart shape yolk on abstract background Stock Photo
Photo courtesy 123rf.com

I love a 7-minute egg:  put egg(s) in pan, cover with water, put lid on pan, put pan on burner, turn on burner to high setting, as soon as water boils turn off burner but do not remove pan from burner, leave pan on burner for seven minutes, remove pan from burner and drain hot water, add cold water to pan, remove and peel egg(s), and enjoy!  The white is completely cooked, and the yolk is orange and barely runny.  If you want a completely cooked yolk, leave pan on burner for ten to fifteen minutes.

The largest chicken egg ever recorded weighed one pound, and had two yolks and two shells!  For more information click here.

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