Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Benjamin Britten, Pack-Rat!

Orchestra : A night at the symphony concert - playing violins Stock PhotoOrchestra : Clarinetist performanceTimpani : Bristol, England - July 31, 2011 - Percussionists on stage at the 40th annual Harbour Festival attended by an estimated 280,000 peopleOrchestra : ISTANBUL - JULY 11: Members of the Maltepe Symphonic Orchestra perform live at Maltepe open air stage on July 11, 2010 in Istanbul, Musicians playing contrabass

Photos of orchestral instruments courtesy 123rf.com

Thanks to the English Chamber Orchestra from South Ealing, London, @ECOrchestra on Twitter, for suggesting today's topic:  Benjamin Britten.

One of my favorite childhood memories is discovering The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten.  Later I enjoyed the interactive computer program designed by a Mr. Winter in southern California that taught more about Britten and the Guide.  One of my most profound experiences as a young lady was seeing the Metropolitan Opera's production of Billy Budd in New York.  Then during my first semester in grad school I was assigned to read and report on the 744 page Benjamin Britten:  A Biography by Humphrey Carpenter.  So to say that Britten has been a thread throughout my life isn't an exageration.

What I didn't know is that Britten saved nearly everything he wrote, he rarely threw anything away, so that now the collection of his works, letters, and other writings is the most comprehensive collection by a composer of any other in the world.  This collection is kept in his home in England, The Red House, for all to see.  For more information click here.

Thanks again to the English Chamber Orchestra, @ECOrchestra on Twitter, for suggesting today's topic.  What did you learn today?

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