Friday, June 15, 2012

Magna Carta Anniversary & Impact

Magna Carta : Carta Magna Memorial in Runnymede
Photo of the Carta Magna Memorial in Runnymede courtesy

On this day in 1215, King John of England sealed the Magna Carta that he was forced to sign on June 10.  The Magna Carta limited the king's powers, freed the church from royal influence, enumerated citizens' liberties, limited taxation, allowed for the formation of a powerful parliament, and is considered to be the beginning of constitutional government in England.  It is considered an influence on, if not a precursor to, the American constitution.  What I didn't know is King John had no intention to honor the document, which caused the conflict that had precipitated the writing of the document to resume.  For more information click here and click here.  What did you learn today?

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